PDCA Online Pedigree Site

Welcome to the PDCA Online Pedigree Site!

This site is provided by the Purebred Dexter Cattle Association of North America (PDCA). Here you can find pedigrees for Dexter cattle registered with the PDCA as well as information about their breeders and owners.

To get started, click Animal Search. Use the Search form to provide various criteria and run a search for all animals matching all your criteria. When you click the Search button the results will be shown on the Animals Search Results page.

After you have some search results on the Animal Search Results page, you can try out these features:

  • Animal Info: Click the little blue "i" button at the left of search results to see an Info page for that animal. The Info page basically shows all of the info available from the database for an animal. The Info page will show a picture if one is available for that animal.
  • Pedigree: Click the little blue "P" button to see a pedigree for that animal.
  • Progeny: Click the little blue "O" button (for Offspring) to see a progeny report for that animal. Note that while you hold your mouse over the "O" button, it will show how many progeny that animal has. The progeny button won't be shown if that animal has no progeny in the database. The Progeny page works much like the Animal Search Results page so you can sort by column headings and customize the fields that are shown.
  • Breeder/Owner Info: Click the Breeder or Owner Name link to see their Member Info page.
  • Customize Search Results: Click the "Customize Search Results" link on the Animal Search Results page (just above the Quick Search form.) This will show you a form where you can select which fields of the database you want to see on the Animal Search Results page. You need to have cookies enabled in your browser to use this feature.

To search for Dexter Breeders, click Member Search to get the search form for PDCA members.